September 2014 saw the arrival of two postulants, Brian (47) and Marco (24), to the Conventual Formation house in Oxford. Their arrival has helped to confirm the belief held by many involved in vocation work – that the Holy Spirit is calling men of all ages to discern a call the Consecrated Life. Brian & Marco have now joined the friars in their new friary in Cowley, Oxford where they will attend daily Mass and pray the Litugy of the Hours in common with the friars, they will also partake in all friary activities (i.e. Lectio Divina, faith sharing, days of retreat etc.) and share house-responsibilities (cooking, shopping, cleaning etc.). Although the Conventual Franciscan postulancy programme is a non-academic year, Brian & Marco will attend daily in-house classes delivered by their formation director. These classes will focus on a wide variety of topics including Liturgy, Church History and Franciscan Studies.


The postulants are encouraged to lay all of their talents and skills at the service of the community and Order. Brian and Marco have both lived very different lives before coming to the order, and each with his own personality, should bring extraordinary gifts to the community. The Conventual Franciscan postulancy programme allows for men new to Religious Life, to experience it in an authentic and integrated manner. However, aware of the fact that time, space and silence periods are needed in order to discern the Lord’s calling, the Postulancy programme allows for such moments. Please pray for both Brian and Marco as they continue their journey following in the footprint of Jesus Christ, in the manner and inspiration of St. Francis of Assisi.




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