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We are the Friars Minor Conventual, Catholic men dedicated to living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the spirit of St Francis of Assisi.


We focus on the Gospel life, embraced by Saint Francis of Assisi, our Seraphic Father and founder. His light has been guiding us for eight centuries. We are spread throughout the world in service of the Gospel, living as pilgrims, preaching poverty and penance.


In Great Britain and Ireland we are known as the Greyfriars, a name derived from the colour of our religious habit which was originally made from a greyish unbleached wool.


Under the guidance of Mary Immaculate, Queen of our Franciscan family, we are commited to carrying the charism of St Francis to the ends of the Earth. We have a passionate will to imitate his spirit in modelling Christ perfectly in our hearts and in the lives of all.



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