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Franciscan Mass Association

Franciscan Mass Association

The Franciscan Mass Association helps towards the costs of the Friary, the Crusade and the training of Franciscan students who depend upon your support. In gratitude, we celebrate a Mass every day for all enrolled Members as well as remembering them in our daily prayers. You may enrol yourself or others, living or deceased, for just £2 per year, or give a special gift card, folder or certificate.

Mass & Membership

Membership in the Franciscan Mass Association means that those enrolled are remembered at Mass every day at the Friary.

Those enrolled with Mass Folder D are remembered as above and, in addition, a Mass is celebrated specifically for them alone. The Mass will be celebrated by a Conventual Franciscan priest in this Custody of the Greyfriars of Great Britain and Ireland. The donation for Mass is included in the price.


Payment Ideas

Sending cash is quick and effective but very risky – it encourages thieves and upsets postal workers.

More than one order? Send one cheque for the total made payable to FRIARS MINOR CONVENTUAL.

Bank charges really affect us, so if your cheque would be less than £5, please consider sending postage stamps instead.

Help with postage is appreciated.


Please return the form to:

Franciscan Mass Association

Redclyffe Road

Urmston, Manchester

M41 7LG


FMA - Introduction

FMA - Catalogue

FMA - Order Form

FMA - Order Form

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